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The Crees have lived in a sustainable manner without harming the environment for thousands of years. Despite the rapid pace of change that we have faced in the last 30 years, many Crees continue to live primarily from what the land provides. This way of life is at the heart of Cree tradition and forms the Cree sense of self and community.

The Forestry Program Prioritization Committee exists to promote projects that enhance and reinforce Cree traditional activities and/or foster social and economic development. We also encourage conservation of the environment and wildlife habitat through the implementation of best environmental management practices for each of the projects undertaken.


The Forestry Program Prioritization Committee (FPPC) was formed through Council Board resolution in 2006. The mandate of the Committee is to oversee the dispersal of forestry related program funding for the Cree Nation according to the parameters set out in two separate agreements with Quebec.learn more…

Programs and Policies

Cree Traditional Activities Enhancement Program - developed to help the Cree trappers improve the productivity of their traditional activities. Volet II Program (Forest Resource Development Program—Component II) - a long standing program of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife (MNRW) that the Crees have accessed for many years.learn more…

Applying for Funding

When applying for funding please note that the Forestry Programs Prioritization Committee must adhere to the eligibility criteria as established by the Cree Regional Authority forestry programs by-laws. learn more…

Applying for Funding

Under provision 3.13.2 of the Paix des Braves Agreement, the Government of Quebec is now obligated to consult with the CRA regarding all applications for private vacation leases (non-Cree recreational cabins) situated in the Territory. In this site you will find a map based list of all the non-Cree private vacation leases in Eeyou Istchee (on file).



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Deadlines for project applications

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