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The land and land-based activities form a fundamental part of Cree culture and identity – this relationship with the land creates a need for sustainable development within Eeyou Istchee


Despite the rapid pace of change that we have faced in the last 30 years, many Crees continue to live primarily from what the land provides. This way of life is at the heart of Cree tradition and forms the Cree sense of self and community.  

Because it is in the very nature of forestry to change the land and to impact the activities that can be performed on it, the Cree Nation Government and the Government of Quebec saw a need to provide support to impacted land users within Eeyou Istchee. The purpose of the “Agreement Regarding Cree Traditional Activities Enhancement” is to ensure that land users can continue to live a traditional life within Eeyou Istchee and to support them through changes that forestry activities may introduce.



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This leaflet has been produced by the Cree Nation Government, the Forestry Programs Prioritization Committee and Niskamoon Corporation with the collaboration of Tecsult Inc.

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Environment and Remedial Works Department Enhancement Program